If you found something great…

If you found something great, you would share it right? It’s like telling people about the mega-sale at a local boutique, or flaunting your favorite brand, or Instagram-Tweeting the outcome of a daring new recipe you succeeded at. This lovely mixture between enlightening friends to your recently discovered brilliancy and bragging to them is a sought-after relief for our pent-up product excitement.

This is the exact feeling Joshua needed to share after receiving his new ChiliPad. Joshua was the victim of nightsweats for over a decade. He was “doubting its advertised ability,” but his need for cool comfort overrode the broad skepticism he felt toward the product. He had already exhausted innumerable unrewarding attempts at keeping cool. He decided it was worth giving it a shot. After receiving his new ChiliPad and setting it up, his lack of confidence in the product begged him to test its temperature-changing abilities out at a polar-level 50 degrees! Somewhere in the middle of the night, this man who has always been plagued by nightsweats woke up freezing. While being cold isn’t normally pleasant, Joshua knew this was the beginning of a beautiful relationship with his bed. Since then, Joshua has found his happily-ever-after temperature and flouted the nightsweats.

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